At The Club House we give you every yard that you deserve. Most golfers want to shoot a lower score; they are their own measure of improvement. Equipment change can improve your game.

A PGA teaching professional can improve your game. You need the correct equipment AND good swing fundamentals for your best game. A blend of the two is the best game improvement you can have.

My objective is to fit the golfer with the best equipment for his or her swing. We will work with all brands of golf equipment to customize your golf game. It may be a simple adjustment to the golf club, a retro fit or a total custom build.

Now .... get out and golf!!!

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March 2017

Club Building 101: A Guide to the Things that Matter

In our last article, we talked about all of the factors involved in a well-executed clubfitting process. But that's just one-half of the battle.

Once a proper fitting is performed, it's up to the build team to assemble and achieve the desired specs the golfer performed best with. This is no easy task.

It takes a well trained and experienced technician to build up what I call "A Balanced Set of Clubs". I'm not talking about balance in the traditional sense - what I mean is that every club is built to an exact specification with extremely tight tolerances that produce a consistency in the set makeup.

There are a number of factors that a club builder must address to create a balanced set of clubs, as follows:

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